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Ionearth Supports Your Projects!

What is ‘awakened doing’? When we have undergone a shift within ourselves and have discovered our inner truth, we are no longer interested in working on projects that focus on the self, but instead we want to embark on new projects that benefit others and our communities. Working from a higher purpose is what Eckhart Tolle calls ‘awakened doing’.

Our call to work from our higher purpose changes our career path. There are many of us who are going through this process of change, starting off new projects, organizations or their own practice. Ionearth can provide cost-effective solutions for you to get you started. Ionearth can support you in the following ways:

  • Marketing Support: Designing logos, marketing brochures/flyers and other marketing materials (from out templates)
  •  Technical Support: Simple web presence (WordPress templates)
  •  Content Writing: Whether it is content for your website or your blog, we can help you to write your content
  •  Share your work on Ionearth: We can showcase your work, projects, meditations, classes, etc on Ionearth.

Please keep in mind that these are very basic services, and we are not a professional service provider. All the work is done by people who work at low cost or volunteer their time to support the community of light workers who want to get their projects off the ground.

If you have queries, please write to us at

 Love, Light & Joy

 Ionearth Team