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Akashic Reading Session (for 60 minutes)
We all have our records of our lives and the record of our soul. It is an energetic record that can be tuned into and read. The records helps us understand the energetic blocks we are facing now. It also helps us find guidance on how to work through our challenges and overcome them.
What you can expect from the reading:
  • It gives us an understanding of who we are at essence, or at soul level
  • It provides awareness of our current energetic blocks that lead to our present day challenges in our life or our spiritual growth
  • It guides us to possibilities we have and choices we can make to move us through our challenges
  • It provides information on our strengths and how we can utilize the same to move through our challenges
  • It can uncover deep issues that we need to work on or any repetitive pattern that keeps coming up in our life
  • It guides us towards ways of self-healing
  • It provides the spiritual support needed to have a conscious relationship with our soul
Losita advises that you submit a series of questions at least 24-48 hours prior to the reading so that she can prepare the reading prior to a face-to-face session. The questions provide focused direction to the reading.
Abundance Exchange: $99 SGD (USD $77 approximately)

For Singapore: Akashic Readings by Losita are available in Singapore either as SKYPE sessions, personal session at Losita’s home-office or through Sanctum Singapore (www.sanctumsg.com). Please send us an email at ionearthmail@gmail.com for bookings.
For Malaysia: Akashic Readings by Losita are available through Lifeworks Holistic Centre. Please contact for bookings at 604 210 8771 or email contact@mylifeworks.com.my
Spiritual Coaching Session that includes a general reading through channeling (60 minute session)
All our experiences in life, the good and the bad are lessons for us to unlock the door our inner truth that we are God-beings with Source-consciousness flowing through each one of us. However, faced with challenges in life, we lose perspective. When we feel stuck and are unable to move beyond our challenges, we experience suffering.
However, we all possess inner knowing and the message of our spirit is one of love and oneness, in direct contrast to the separateness and the anguish we feel. Ionearth’s spiritual coaching helps you find your inner power and re-evaluate the choices that you have so that you can move into your natural state of happiness and create a life of your dreams.
Abundance Exchange: $99 SGD (USD $77 approximately)


For Singapore:

Spiritual coaching sessions by Losita are available in Singapore either as SKYPE sessions, personal session at Losita’s home-office or through Sanctum Singapore (www.sanctumsg.com). Please send us an email at ionearthmail@gmail.com for bookings.

For Malaysia:

Spiritual Coaching sessions by Losita are available through Lifeworks Holistic Centre. Please contact for bookings at 604 210 8771 or email contact@mylifeworks.com.my

1-on-1 Meditations and Spiritual Coaching sessions (60 minute session)
We have received requests for 1-on-1 meditations post a reading or spiritual coaching session. Therefore we would like to offer a personal reading, consultation and meditation session where we can incorporate a reading with providing tools to create the shift you need in your life. This service is available only in Singapore.
Abundance Exchange: $99 SGD (USD $77 approximately)
(For a small group of 2-3 persons, please write to us at ionearthmail1@gmail.com for special rates)

Conversations with Spirit (Free Service on Ionearth)
Conversations with Spirit is guidance provided by a Group of Masters and Angels, bringing Source consciousness channeled through Losita. This service is free and the questions can be posted on Ionearth or sent at ionearthmail@gmail.com. To see some of our posts, please visit http://www.ionearth.org/?cat=32

About Losita

Losita is a spiritual coach and author. Her upcoming book, Shifting into Tao : In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons, unveils the process and phases of  the shift in consciousness from Identity  Consciousness to Oneness.  She also reads the Akashic Records and channels a Group of Masters and Archangels.

Losita also conducts a series of Workshops called the Journey to Spirit Series and The Oneness Workshop Series. Both of the workshop series are designed to blend spiritual wisdom with practical tools in what she calls TRIGGER SESSIONS. She believes that everything outside of ourselves are triggers to support us in our inner work and our inner journeys. In her spiritual coaching and Akashic Reading sessions, Losita is able to do an energetic reading of her client’s soul essence, life journeys and life purpose. Based on the reading, she guides her clients on utilizing the wisdom of their soul to move through their current challenges, whether they are life or spiritual challenges.
To give an opportunity  for everyone to have support through their shift in consciousness, she has created www.ionearth.org along with her co-creator who is also a spiritual teacher. Ionearth has a free resource section that brings teachings and perspectives of spiritual masters and teachers from all over the world.
If you want to book a session with Ionearth, please send us an email at ionearthmail@gmail.com to check for timing
Losita read my records when I was in a transformational phase, a phase marked by many doubts and lot of external turbulence. The reading gave me clear pointers on my life purpose and helped me stand up to my beliefs and have more faith in myself. Whatever was brought out through the reading resonated with me and gave me the courage to go further in my inner journey. I am thankful to Losita for the love and energy she put into the reading.
Love, Vijaya
I was astonished to hear from her messages she received that made a lot of sense to me ! It was a great tool for me to start my inner trasformation or at least to know i am in the right way ! Thx Losita !!
Rose Geb
The Akashic reading that Losita did for me was cool. It provided me an understanding of the problems I was facing at that time and possible solutions too. I could relate to the essence of the reading and it gave me a new perspective of looking at my problems.