Timelines and 2012

Many of us are experiencing a rapid shift in both our inner and outer reality. As more information about our planet comes to the forefront through science, our earth’s history beyond what was known to us is de-mystified, and collapse of older structures push us to strive towards finding new ways to discover happiness and fulfillment in our lives, we move with speed towards a shift in consciousness. 2012 has always been a marker for evolutionary changes in our world. However, there are still several stories attached to it and some of these stories, or prophecies, with unfavorable outcomes, keep some of us in worry and fear. Irrespective of what we choose to believe about 2012, there is general consensus about the fact that we create our reality through our thoughts, feelings and actions. If that is the case, could we change the outcomes of 2012 through what we choose to believe?

Based on a recent workshop given by Franco DeNicola (http://www.francodenicola.com) in Toronto in January, 2012 and in conversation with Franco, the article explores shifting our timelines of reality, for the planet, and for each one of us as individuals.


Beliefs and Prophecies

2012 was a big trigger for me, as it has been for many others. Several years back, I read an article on the controversy of what 2012 would bring, and it immediately put me in a space of uncertainty and alarm. Since then I have heard several versions of 2012, but as I moved more and more into my own spiritual practice and my own inner knowing, my inner state of consciousness changed, and these beliefs started to lose its stronghold on me. Not only that, as I shifted, my vision for 2012 changed, not just for myself but also for the world. When I tried looking back at the time when I was in fear, I actually could not feel or live that experience at all.

As I was shifting, I also started noticing that I was meeting new people and experiencing synchronistic events that helped me to shift faster and reinforce my vision of a safer world around me. Not only that, I was also surprised with some of the responses from people around me who were unusually supportive of my change and my views. It perplexed me until I started realizing that it was not just my inner state of consciousness that was changing, I was also shifting my frequency and therefore living a different timeline of reality!

Franco DeNicola explains that we each have a number of personal timelines. These timelines are bands of frequencies that we operate through and each of these frequencies has a version of us experiencing life simultaneously. As our consciousness shifts, we choose a different timeline to experience. This shift happens automatically, even without us being conscious of it. Franco says, “Each timeline has a series of events and opportunities to play. As you increase along the timelines, the density and separation levels are reduced…As you move through your experiences and you become more enlightened or you start to get the lessons to make changes within your life, you shift into a different timeline.”


What is Meditation?

Many people come across the term ‘meditation’ more and more as they begin to question the meaning of all the madness – the non stop doing, needing and the turbulence it creates around us, and as they look for means to get relief from it. Many do not fully grasp the term because it can be known only through the experience of it. And again, meditation takes its own sweet time to happen, it cannot be forced. I decided to write up this post in an effort to answer this oft-asked question.

What is meditation?

“Meditation is a simple realization that you are, which is expressed in the sublime words- I Am”- Eckhart Tolle

Mediation is to let go off the constant mind chatter and go into an inner space of love, trust, gratitude, peace and creativity. Meditation is accepting everything as it is and just being in the moment. Just allowing yourself to be, without trying to control anything. When you are in the moment, you are not thinking about the past or the future. Time and mind stop and you go into eternity and silence. You just know that you are but do not know where you are or who you are.

Meditation happens when the mind finds a resting place free of aversions or attachments, fear, greed and lack. When the mind is at rest, the sense of duality falls away and we get a glimpse of our real eternal nature which is love. This is also the beginning of the journey from the head to the heart.

support empowerment card

Feeling Supported (Collaborative Project by Ionearth & Barbara Evans)

The following reading is inspired by the ‘Support’ Empowerment Card by Barbara Evans.

The story of the earth is like a labyrinth. There is an entry point, an exit point and multiple ways to reach the exit. The pathways need to be found. As there are many pathways, there are many stories about how to get to the other side. We choose the story we want to explore and we choose the path that we want to traverse.

michelle book

The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success- book by Michelle Casto

Ionearth is excited to announce the book launch of “The Destiny Discovery:Find Your Soul’s Path to Success“, by Michelle L. Casto, on 17th January 2012. Michelle is the author of over 30 life empowerment and career development books and has helped people awaken to their life purpose through her unique Destiny Discovery Process.

The free telesummit- “Discover Your Divine Destiny” leads up to the book launch and features 12 experts in the field of consciousness and purpose who will be talking about awakening to your purpose, finding your path and succeeding on the path. Click here to access the details of the event.

Following is the index of content and an excerpt from the book for the benefit of our readers.


Part I

The Soul’s Journey

Soul Alchemy
Shining Your Light
Accelerating Your Journey

The Yearning Undefined

What is Destiny?
Divine Appointments
Dancing With Destiny

Answering the Call

Freedom in the Present

Freedom in the Present

The energies of January, 2012, from Conversations with Spirit


There were two images shown to me as I was trying to visualize the energy for January, 2012. Both capture the changing times and the need to move into awareness to harness the power of change.