Journey to Spirit Workshops

The Journey to Sprit

TRIGGER SESSIONS: A Series of Talks and Meditations on Ionearth

When we are on a spiritual quest, we may look for outside help and guidance, but the journeys that we take are actually all on our own and it’s a journey to our inner spirit. Life provides us with natural triggers to shake us out of our mind-based living and to get into some inner soul searching. We may not be conscious of these triggers and we may resort to ego-based, or mind-based reactions, unable to use these triggers for our benefit.

The spiritual journey that each one of us takes to rediscover our inner core gives us a change of perspective on life. From this perspective, we are God-consciousness, and we therefore see the beauty of life, and not the suffering. In the upcoming book, Shifting into Tao: In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons, written by our workshop facilitator, Losita Bhattacharya, she narrates her own journey through these stages of change. In the workshops, we follow and explore some of these stages that lead us to our inward journey.

‘The Journey to Spirit’’, a series of talks and meditations that we call ‘TRIGGER SESSIONS’. Here, we are consciously trying to help you question your own belief in a process of redefining what you know, from the inside out. Along with talks on several topics on shift in consciousness, we will also provide tools (guided and silent meditations) and resources for you to work at your own leisure, on your own journey.

We can be at different levels on our journey, beginners to way showers, but we all need a community to exchange not just our views, but also our energies, to help each other move along in their spiritual process. Ionearth’s blog/website,, will provide the additional resources, articles, and support that you can utilize outside of the trigger sessions.

Trigger Sessions

Our trigger sessions are as follows:

Stepping Into Stillness – In this session we come to understand our life triggers, we learn to build awareness within ourselves through practicing silence. We also get an overview of the process of shift/change and some of the key aspects or milestones on our path to our inner core. We introduce participants to a guided meditation to relax and align themselves and step into a short silent meditation as well.

Workshop Time: 2 hours

Experiencing Expansion – In this session we explore our true nature that is vast and much more than the limitations of the physical body. Through a guided meditation, we explore our vast consciousness and come to realize that when we expand, we become interconnected to others and the universe itself (oneness). Along with the meditation, we talk about how consciousness flows through us and how we can be in the flow of consciousness.

Workshop Time: 2 hours

Moving beyond Negative Patterns –To journey within, we need to let go of our resentments, attachments, judgments, control – all the tools of the ego. The mind-thought process controls us. In this session, we explore how these controls keep us in a thought based reality. We also understand the Law of Attraction, why we incur negative emotions and experiences. Through a guided meditation, we learn the process of accepting what is, forgiving others, moving into gratitude and learning to let go.

Workshop Time: 2 hours

Connecting to our Natural State – Once we practice letting go, we start experiencing joy. In this session, we come to understand the power of heart intelligence, the frequency of love (versus fear), the concept of oneness and we do a small meditation on positive affirmations/intentions, opening of the heart chakras and sending love and healing to others and ourselves.

Workshop Time: 2 hours

Connecting to Inner Guidance – Once our heart is clear, we are able to move into a space that allows our inner guidance to flow through. In this session, we will explore our own capacity to draw on universal knowledge, followed by a guided meditation to connect to our own spirit.

Workshop Time: 2 hours

Finding our True Purpose and Moving into being True Ones – In this final session of the 6-part series, we will have a trigger session discussing our inner and outer purpose, understanding how we create and co-create, and set positive intentions for ourselves and for love, peace and harmony for the planet.  We will perform a meditation for energetic exchange (within the group)and experience the power of collective intentions.

Workshop Time: 2 hours

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