New Beginnings – Ionearth Updates, December, 2011

Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank you all for your love and support for Ionearth ( through 2011. It was only in April of 2011 that I started writing Ionearth as a blog with my friend, Vijaya, thinking that we would be able to share articles and videos with each other as we go through our spiritual journeys. I had a feeling that Ionearth had something more to offer, but in April, I had no clue that it would become what it has today. In less than 9 months, we have posted 57 articles in our free ‘Resource’ section, started up our ’Services’ page, created our ‘Journey to Spirit’ workshops and started offering them in Singapore, created a beautiful and supportive network all around the world, and interviewed some amazing people creating amazing projects to shift us all in to a world of oneness.

New Beginnings

As the new year approaches, the message of new beginnings is crystal clear to me! Working on Ionearth everyday with only an intent of bringing voices/perspectives to help people through their shift in consciousness, and following our heart-instincts, we learnt that EVERY MOMENT IS A NEW BEGINNING. If we can create from our heart and with universal trust- the result is spectacular!

We always create in the NOW moment. Instead of thinking too far ahead of how Ionearth should take shape, or delving in the past as to why things should or shouldn’t work for us, Vijaya and I built Ionearth from day-to-day, moment-to-moment, following the stories that motivated us, contacting people who inspired us, and putting together the site intuitively.

For 2012, we aim to do just the same and we are very excited for many more new beginnings!

Practical Spirituality

Like many of us who can sense the movement of our collective consciousness, we at Ionearth hold the vision that everyone shifts into a new and peaceful world. We are all ONE and we can’t possibly leave a part of us behind. For everyone to move, we need to provide tools and support at every level of an individual consciosness shift. Therefore, on Ionearth, we will be bringing in articles that are accessible to all people, whether they are into any spiritual practice or not.

One of our recent interviews was with Michelle Casto, who is a life and business coach and she offers a soul-coaching program called the ’Destiny Discovery’ process that allows clients to find their passion or higher purpose. Her book, Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, will be released in January 2011. In the interview, Michelle talks about how she works with clients who come from the corporate world as well as gives her 6-step process that she uses in her coaching. Michelle is a great example of someone who combines intuitive guidance and practical life lessons to bring to us a perfect blend of practical spirituality. If you haven’t read her interview yet, take a look at the article at

New Spaces, New Places

There are many, exciting developments on Ionearth and I hope to share them with you in the new year. In November-December, 2011, we were happy to start off our Journey to Spirit workshops with Garden of Awakening – in Singapore. I would like to thank Dipa for allowing us to use the GOA platform for J2S series.

The Journey to Spirit series will also be heading to Penang, Malaysia in January, 2012. We will be conducting the workshops at Lifeworks Holistic Centre ( between the 14th to the 19th of January, 2012. Please stay tuned for more details.

I am also personally very excited about offering my readings and spiritual coaching through Sanctum, Singapore from 2012 – However, I will continue to offer coaching over SKYPE on Ionearth as well.

Finally, we are very enthusiastic about the new collaborate spaces that we are creating on Ionearth. We are working on a couple of e-book projects and collaborative channeling sessions/services for Ionearth. I will share the details of both projects with you as soon as everything is finalized!

Coming Up!

We have a couple of articles heading your way. One of the articles is on a topic that we get asked about all the time through our clients and in our workshops and that is how to heal our karma. In a beautiful interview with Eric Klein, who runs a program called the ‘Healing Family Karma’ program (, we de-mystify the concept of karma and learn to move beyond our karmic patterns. The other article is an interview with my friend, David Wodtke, who conducts Earth Healing calls through his website, Just like Jennifer Lim’s story that we posted earlier,, David’s interview will inspire and motivate you in your own journey.

Gifts for You!

I would like to offer 3 Akashic/Soul readings to start off 2012 (the sessions will be through SKYPE). We all have our records of our lives and the record of our soul. It is an energetic record that can be tuned into and read. Most importantly, Akashic Record reading can provide guidance on energetic blocks and challenges that one is facing in one’s life in the present moment and help us move to the next stage of our life/soul journeys. You can see more details about the readings at

If you would like to have a reading or if you would like to recommend someone who would benefit from the reading, please write to me at I will offer the free readings to the first 3 emails/recommendations that come my way.

I would also like to thank Michelle Casto ( who has offered to answer 3 questions from the readers of Ionearth. She has a lot of practical tools and information to move through the shift and finding true purpose. This is a great opportunity to tap into her knowledge. Please send in your questions at

Finally, I would like to highlight that I offer a FREE service called Conversations with Spirit ( on Ionearth. These are channeled answers from my guides and a Group of angels, masters and light beings. Please take a look at the service and help me spread the word.

It’s a great day, as any day, to reflect on the beauty of who you are. When you are connected to the beauty within, your essential nature will be reflected in your outer world. ~ CWS

Feel your bliss, and create from joy!



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