12-12-12 The Power of Neutrality and the Shift into Unity Consciousness
A SKYPE class by Ahana La-Ra and Amrita Aahnza

There are many versions about the shift of the 21st December, 2012 as well as several movements and events to mark this momentous alignment of our Earth to the central Sun. It is indeed a time for celebration for the collective on Earth as we tilt towards a more positive experience for all and a higher state of consciousness.

However, before we can harness the opportunities and energies of the shift, we have to understand and embody the power of neutrality that the 12-12-12 brings for us. Source is neutral and the universe is always in balance. It is important to understand that creation rising from balance, instead of flux, endures and is supported by the light forces.
As we shift into the new gear, our perceptions will manifest into our experiences very quickly as we move into a high creative mode. To create the right experiences for us, we need to utilize the secrets and the power of neutrality to direct our lives towards our desired experiences.
In this trigger session, we will explore the following:
  • The forces that we will experience as a result of this shift
  • What is neutrality and why is it a true power in this shift
  • How do our decisions impact our lives in the new paradigm
  • How do we create or co-create in the new paradigm
  • Tools and techniques to stay centered and stay at the root of our power
  • The universal truths behind unity consciousness and how does it affect our individual lives
We will be conducting this SKYPE class through small groups (3-5 participants). The session will last 60-90 minutes. At the end of the session, 10 minutes will be allocated for personal questions and channeled answers by Ahana and Amrita.
Amrita will also perform a soul song for each participant to help merge or embody the higher aspects of their soul. This can be done at the session or can be arranged separately, as guided.
Registration: Please write to and pay via the PayPal button provided below to register. We will send you a few time slots, depending on where you are located worldwide for you to choose and confirm.
Abundance Exchange: Minimum USD$15 donation or more.


Ahana LaRa is a spiritual coach and an author. She offers spiritual counseling, soul/Akashic reading,  and meditation sessions called ‘Journey to Spirit’. To connect with her, email or visit
Celine Aahnza Liew offers transformational healing through a combination of energy work, frequency healing and light language. she also offers personal/spritual coaching, meditation classes and other spiritual workshops. To contact Celine, email



Birth 2012 Singapore – Sunrise Celebration


Join us in a Global BirthDay Celebration for Humanity on 22 December 2012, at 6:30am at East Coast Park
Where: East Coast Park, Area C (park at car park C1), near Amber Beacon (lighthouse)
When: 6:30am to about 9am (sunrise is around 7am)


We invite you to welcome with us the life-giving light of Father Sun. Bring a lantern and shine your light at the dawn of a new era for humanity in which we remember the sacred fire within our hearts. After sunrise, there will be spontaneous celebrations by people. Bring a picnic blanket or a yoga mat and, if you like, some food to share or your favourite instrument. We invite you to sing and dance, to laugh and to celebrate. You can add your personal gift to the celebration.
This BirthDay event is part of the Global BirthDay celebrations held by Millions worldwide on 22 December 2012. The celebrations will be broadcast in an unprecedented global webcast that weaves together live feeds from the major global events plus dozens of smaller ones. It’s all online at Envision several million people uniting around the world to celebrate the shift that is giving birth to a new era for humanity. During this historic day of global unity we’ll link across the world in moments of song, silence, prayer, dance, and cultural expression… celebrating our common purpose to co-create a better world.
For more information, please visit: