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Radiant Energy healing

Universal energy and Theta brain waves We all are aware of the energy or prana component in our lives in one way or another.  We know when we feel energetically low, which is an indication of a low prana in the body. We know when we feel energetically high and all is well- this is [...]

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Accessing Akashic Wisdom with Linda Howe

Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records gave me my introduction into reading Akashic Records. I discovered the book during a time when I was looking for guidance in my spiritual path, and I found my way into my own Records through the simple and beautiful ‘Pathway Prayer Process’ that Linda lays out [...]

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Finding True Destiny: Interview with Michelle Casto, The Destiny Coach

Michelle Casto is a life and a business coach who effortlessly combines intuitive guidance and practical life lessons to bring to us a perfect blend of practical spirituality. Her new book, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success will be launched on 17th January, 2012 and I caught up with her to talk [...]

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On Serenity – Building Peace within Ourselves

We create our own reality – there is no escaping from this truth that we do. Not only that, we also contribute to the collective reality. We may not be conscious that we are constantly creating, and that our every thought counts. Whether we are dealing with a competitive workplace, dealing with a difficult relationship, [...]

Understanding Oneness & Oneness Visualization

What is Oneness? How does Oneness affect us as individuals, and our planet? Read our Oneness Article at In the following video, we have added a visualization for creating oneness in our lives, and creating a oneness world. Thank you! Ionearth Team