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Sacred Journey of Jennifer Lim (From Searching for Purpose to Finding Balance)

I recently read a book of spiritual poems written by women through the centuries, right from 3rd century BC all the way up to the present time. While reading these poems, I could feel the despair and anguish of these women, who have been either misjudged, misguided or their voices have been silenced by society [...]

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Be Aware of the Mirrors around You!

How is your outer world today? What have you thinking about today? What mood has taken your fancy and what pace has taken hold of your life? What do people around you think and say? How do you respond to them? Every day as I go through my emails, messages on social media, I realize [...]

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The Force of the Imagination (by Suzanne Murray)

I believe in nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affection and the truth of the imagination. – John Keats As I witness the growing Occupy movement that through peaceful means is focusing on the need to transform systems that really are not working for the good of the whole, I have been thinking about [...]

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On Serenity – Building Peace within Ourselves

We create our own reality – there is no escaping from this truth that we do. Not only that, we also contribute to the collective reality. We may not be conscious that we are constantly creating, and that our every thought counts. Whether we are dealing with a competitive workplace, dealing with a difficult relationship, [...]

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Understanding Oneness and Creating Oneness Intentions

What does oneness or unity consciousness mean to us as individuals, and our planet? Oneness is the realization that we are all created from the same Source energy and our physical lives are expressions, expressing and experiencing diversity, of the Source or God itself. This realization is the spiritual quest that we are on, and [...]