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Finding Love Within (Conversations with Spirit)

Accepting It but Not Letting Go – I fell out of love last month. I have accepted the fact that I am single but I am also holding on hopes of getting back with him. I have to let go, yet i want to be back with him so badly. Isn’t it contradicting? You have [...]

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Be Aware of the Mirrors around You!

How is your outer world today? What have you thinking about today? What mood has taken your fancy and what pace has taken hold of your life? What do people around you think and say? How do you respond to them? Every day as I go through my emails, messages on social media, I realize [...]


Light-en Up!

I participated in a group workshop on laughter yoga today. I knew a couple of the participants and I was meeting the rest of the participants for the first time. In a very short period of time, through crazy acrobatic laughter games, we all came together in a group, sharing our presence, our energies, and [...]

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On Serenity – Building Peace within Ourselves

We create our own reality – there is no escaping from this truth that we do. Not only that, we also contribute to the collective reality. We may not be conscious that we are constantly creating, and that our every thought counts. Whether we are dealing with a competitive workplace, dealing with a difficult relationship, [...]

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The Power of Gratitude

  A heart-felt thank you has a power of its own – not just in making someone else feel good, but also transforming our inner feelings and aligning us to the flow of universal consciousness. Our thought-based reality looks at life as a cup half-empty. Gratitude gives us the turning point to flip the way [...]