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Kundalini Yoga and the Art of Living with Adam Fazlur

Ionearth is pleased to share an interview with Adam Fazlur, where he talks about Kundalini yoga practise, touches upon life skill courses for children and young adults and shares his wisdom on achieving our higher purpose , along with his life story on an extraordinary path. Vijaya- You have been teaching yoga for the past [...]


Timelines and 2012

Many of us are experiencing a rapid shift in both our inner and outer reality. As more information about our planet comes to the forefront through science, our earth’s history beyond what was known to us is de-mystified, and collapse of older structures push us to strive towards finding new ways to discover happiness and [...]

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Sacred Journey of Jennifer Lim (From Searching for Purpose to Finding Balance)

I recently read a book of spiritual poems written by women through the centuries, right from 3rd century BC all the way up to the present time. While reading these poems, I could feel the despair and anguish of these women, who have been either misjudged, misguided or their voices have been silenced by society [...]

Collective Evolution

The Collective Evolution II – The Human Experience (The Movie)

“From birth, we have all been taught what our parents have been taught, which is often simply what their parents have taught them. We take this in without ever asking many questions, such as who we are, why we are here and why things are the way they are.” -  The Collective Evolution II The [...]


Making Choices (from the Heart)

We are making choices all the time, some consciously and some unconsciously. Our present is made up of our past choices and the future is made of choices we make in every “now” moment. Making conscious choices, with the right intent is important as they determine the experiences we have in life, and to a [...]