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Kundalini Yoga and the Art of Living with Adam Fazlur

Ionearth is pleased to share an interview with Adam Fazlur, where he talks about Kundalini yoga practise, touches upon life skill courses for children and young adults and shares his wisdom on achieving our higher purpose , along with his life story on an extraordinary path. Vijaya- You have been teaching yoga for the past [...]


What is Meditation?

Many people come across the term ‘meditation’ more and more as they begin to question the meaning of all the madness – the non stop doing, needing and the turbulence it creates around us, and as they look for means to get relief from it. Many do not fully grasp the term because it can [...]

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Be Aware of the Mirrors around You!

How is your outer world today? What have you thinking about today? What mood has taken your fancy and what pace has taken hold of your life? What do people around you think and say? How do you respond to them? Every day as I go through my emails, messages on social media, I realize [...]


Light-en Up!

I participated in a group workshop on laughter yoga today. I knew a couple of the participants and I was meeting the rest of the participants for the first time. In a very short period of time, through crazy acrobatic laughter games, we all came together in a group, sharing our presence, our energies, and [...]

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On Serenity – Building Peace within Ourselves

We create our own reality – there is no escaping from this truth that we do. Not only that, we also contribute to the collective reality. We may not be conscious that we are constantly creating, and that our every thought counts. Whether we are dealing with a competitive workplace, dealing with a difficult relationship, [...]