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Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records gave me my introduction into reading Akashic Records. I discovered the book during a time when I was looking for guidance in my spiritual path, and I found my way into my own Records through the simple and beautiful ‘Pathway Prayer Process’ that Linda lays out in her book. The Records provide a gentle way to connect with our soul and access our soul wisdom to guide us in our life journey.

We can all read our own Records. Even though I offer the service of reading for others, I also acknowledge and tell my clients that I am the acting facilitator at this time, however, the resource is available to one and all so as to empower ourselves to connect with and work from the space of our soul. It takes practice and clarity to get deeper into the Records, however, when accessed, this becomes a powerful tool in understanding and choosing from our soul/ higher purpose.  In this interview with Linda Howe, I discuss the importance of the Akashic Records during this time of shift in 2012, as well as how we can each tap in to this amazing resource to help through our individual shift in consciousness.

Losita: What are the Akashic Records and what can we expect to learn when we are working within, or getting a reading in the Records?

Linda: The Akashic Record is the vibrational archive of soul and its journey. It has two components – one component is the blueprint of the soul and what travels with it is a catalogue of the lifetimes you live through with which you become aware of the blueprint of the soul.

In practice, when we open the records with the ‘Pathway Prayer Process’, two things happen – we get moved into a state of receptivity, and at the same time a set of records come forward.

As I am in the records, the first thing I will encounter is the Akashic atmosphere. The governing principles of Akasha (primary substance) are “judge not, fear not, resist not”. Those three ideas converge and establish a culture of real kindness and respect. So when we move into the records, it is actually not sensational, in fact, it’s reverent. It’s a dimension of sanctuary of safety, honor, and dignity.

The records are also very relational. They don’t force themselves on us or come down as an avalanche. It is soft, like a conversation with the soul. Some people get visions, or some people get audio, but these are the exceptions.

Each one of us is a divine spark in human form. The questions we ask within the records are exploring who we are, what our potential are as human beings. The idea of the records is that it’s a space within which we can explore possibilities, so that we can make much better choices that are in alignment with our soul. We are here to live in a way that honors our soul.


Losita: In your book, you talk about how everyone can access the Akashic Records. When did you realize that everyone could do this? How did the book come about?

Linda: I learnt how to work in the records in 1994. At that time I was doing readings for people. I was seeing so many people, it was overwhelming at times. I would also go into my records and ask what is going on here? What surprised me was that people would come to me and when I was reading the records, I would wonder why are you coming to me? I felt like you can do this!

On a spiritual journey, there are some things we can only do ourselves. At times you can reach out and help each other. But there are other times, if we knew how, we could help ourselves.

When I started teaching my classes in 1996, I would experiment with different formats that would work or would not work for my students to access their records. The process in the book is actually a class that I would teach myself.

What was fascinating to me that I had the outline of the book for a long time. After 2001, I knew somewhere deep inside that one day I would write this book but it was not time yet. What ended up happening is that I wrote the book and I submitted it to one publisher and it was rejected and I was crushed. I took the book and I kept it in my drawer and I made a prayer that if this book needs to be published, that some would have to call me. Within 2 years, Sounds True called me and the rest is history. Through this experience, I really have come to appreciate divine timing.

Losita: When we are trying to access our Records, what are some of the things that could prevent us from getting a good reading?

Losita: Here’s the first thing – if you are attached to a particular answer, or a certain outcome, that will get in the way. The other thing is that if you are expecting sensationalism, it will get in the way. What is key is that we are open to be led!

You also need to ask questions that you really want the answer to. When a question is alive, the aliveness of the question will propel you into the records. There are a lot of interesting things to know in the universe, however, the question that you ask within the records has to be something that you really would want to know the answer to, an answer that will lead you to be, who you really want to be in this lifetime.

If I really want the answer, I will get it. Sometimes the answer is calm down and wait – our minds are very fast and for many of us our emotional bodies are few steps behind. Sometimes the answer asks you to wait and take more time. Working in the records is not magic – it’s about being led, or allow ourselves to find the light in our own path and to follow that into the world. When I am open on that, my work in the records is very productive. But if I am expecting a certain answer, then I will be disappointed.

Losita: I have a lot of people who come to me looking for solutions or predictions for the future. As we all know, we can’t predict the future because the future is dependent on the choices we make in the NOW. However, I would like to ask you, what would you say to someone who is looking for predictions through the Records?

Linda: When someone is asking about the future, the fact is we have to look to the present. The records are 100% available to us in the moment. If we are working with today, the question is, am I really committed, engaged in this NOW? For example, If it’s a longing for some lover in the future, is that really what you want right now? The records are not your best resource for divination or fortune telling. The records are about becoming the person that you was created to be. It is living a conscious soul-led life.

Losita: How are the records helping us as individuals and collective for 2012? Why are the Akashic Records an important tool in the shift in consciousness we are seeing in these times?

Linda: What I understand about 2012 through the records is that it is a collective imperative that in this shift, we are shifting from being externally determined to the internally determined.

We are shifting from being human-reliant to divine-reliant.

And to that end, all of the outside institutions, organizations and structure on which humans have relied for centuries are falling apart. In the awareness that we cannot rely on anything outside ourselves, we are charged, challenged to look within and find the light within. That’s where the records come in. The records are energetically a bridge of light whereby we can have a conscious relationship with our soul.

There is an old idea that one or two beings were home to the divine spark – like Jesus, or Buddha. Every one has the divine spark and 2012 is the grand occasion where each and every individual is given the opportunity to realize that the light is within them.

We are the bridge generation. 25-30 years from now we would not need to read the records because we would always be connected with it. For the next generation, our children already know, the knowing is in the ether, and their vehicles (bodies) are already attuned. The good news for us is that we can see in our children that it is the most natural thing in the world to be connected to our soul.

Losita: You have written a second book called Healing Through the Akashic Records. How do the Records help us in healing?

Linda: In my second book, Healing through the Akashic Records, we are talking about healing through the records and not by the records.

What I have learnt in records is that the purpose of our journey is to make peace with who we are and with all others. We can use the records as a space within which we can explore patterns of self-rejection, self-doubt, etc and really come to learn to unconditionally love ourselves and all people.

There are two spiritual practices that were clarified to me through working in the Records. The first has to do with extending unconditional love to ourselves. Our difficulties or challenges are really portals where we can make contact with the divine reality. Healing self-abandonment is one of the big lessons for us.

The second big lesson for us is to extend the benefit of the doubt to those who have harmed us. The grand challenge is that can we love ourselves and others, even if we are not perfect. I love myself when everything is right. The challenge is can I love myself when I make mistakes? And the same goes with other people. This is the challenge the soul is posing us. That is game on.

The records also show us another journey – our journey back home. We are each Odysseus and we are finding our way back home (the space of our spirit, Source, Oneness).

Losita: We would all love to be in the ascending consciousness at this time. You talk about the three ways to access the ascension matrix – could you explain what they are?

Linda: There are three components in the (ascension) matrix – gratitude, grace and generosity.

We understand that ascension is about rising above, living in the world and not of it, it is about transcending human difficulty.

Gratitude gives us momentum, it gathers steam and gives us enough momentum to break through where we are and move into new possibilities. Grace is the catalyst. It activates the ascension as grace is within us and beyond us. Generosity gives us buoyancy. When we give, we truly lighten up. Sometimes we are in grace and sometimes not. Sometimes we are generous and sometimes not. However, when we consciously start thinking about giving, or being in grace and gratitude, we could be in the ascension matrix more and more, and it would help us shift ourselves.

We all want to be in an ascending consciousness. This matrix comprised of gratitude, grace and generosity will give us the lift off to be the people that in our hearts we know that we are. It is simple, although not easy. We are in the age of spiritual maturity where we are called upon to act (earth plane is the plane of action) on how we want to live (in a new consciousness). The age of the mystics sitting on the mountain top, even though we had a good time doing it, is over now. We can ascend anywhere and everywhere, even in urban cities where you and I live.

Losita: Can you give a message to the readers about this time and 2012?

Linda: 2012 is time for everyone to have a more conscious relationship with their own soul – that’s what this age is about. Till now it has been about living from the outside in. What 2012 is about is living from the inside out, living soul-led lives. It is the most exciting time we could be in – I love it!


Linda Howe is the founder and director of the Center for Akashic Studies, and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. Specializing in the use of the Akashic Records for personal empowerment and consciousness development, she has successfully taught thousands of people to work in the Records as a spiritual practice since 1996. For more information on Linda and her books, visit or Also please visit our Events Page for Linda’s upcoming classes and web-classes:


Losita is an author and spiritual coach. She offers Akashic Readings and spiritual coaching services on Ionearth. She also offers the Journey to Spirit workshops in Singapore and Malaysia. For more details, visit our Spiritual Coaching Page at and visit our Events page for upcoming workshops.




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