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About Ionearth

When we thought of putting Ionearth together, we wanted to compile a list of resources that would give you, our readers, various perspectives on spirituality and consciousness. The blog posts and the articles are therefore perspectives offered by our facilitators, as well as those of our interviewed guests, who have followed their own spiritual journeys and have connected to their inner light.

Everyone has a personal journey

We all have our own spiritual journey and we all take different paths to get there. Suffices to say that no particular journey is right or wrong and each one strives to reach the inner truth of our soul. Please read our posts not to replicate someone else’s experience, but to draw inspiration and find your own path.

We can also be at different levels in our spiritual journeys. Please note that there are no values to these levels as we all go through them at different points in time. It’s all about personal growth. Therefore, when you read these articles, please make sure that they resonate with you, at whatever level you are, at whatever seems comfortable at that time.

We all have knowing

Eckhart Tolle says, “I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten.”

When we are able to glance inwards, we all have the knowledge of the truth. Our journeys are to get to that place of knowing, or remembering who we are. Once we have tapped into our knowing, nothing is impossible. We can all channel, be co-creators, or help others through our work or teachings.

However, we all need a tug to get to our knowing and finding our inner truth. Through our blog posts, Conversations with Spirit (a free service where you can ask questions to our facilitators and receive a channelled answer to your question), our Spiritual Coaching Services called Living In-Spirit, and our workshops or trigger sessions called Journey to Spirit, we help you remember your true nature and connect to the God-consciousness within you.

Our Facilitators

Ionearth is a relatively new blog/website that was started by our facilitators, Losita Bhattacharya and Vijaygauri Gumaste  in March/April 2011.

Losita went through her own period of change in the last few years and started putting down her experiences in the articles she wrote, sharing this experience with others. During this process of change, she was guided to learn how to read her own Akashic records, and she found that this is a path that she was supposed to follow. Along with reading the Akashic Records, she was also guided to channel through a process of automatic writing. As she shared her readings and channelling with friends and family, she also started getting clients through word of mouth.

During the same time, Losita was guided to write a book, which is in publication now, and should be out soon. In her book, Shifting to Tao: In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons, Losita wrote her own experiences and put together a simple process of change that we all go through in our spiritual journeys. Inspired from the book, she compiled the Trigger Sessions in Journey to Spirit for Ionearth.

Vijaya has been on her own spiritual  journey for the last decade or so. Along the way she trained in some of the healing modalities (Reiki, pranic healing), has been practising breathwork, yoga and meditation and has her own insights about the journey which she expresses through this space. She also takes care of the technical aspects of this space.

Keeping it Simple

We have tried to keep the Ionearth posts as simple as we can. Our services and workshops also follow the same values of keeping it simple, as we believe that the truth of who we are is also simple. However, some of our articles give references to other books, teachers, methods and tools so that you may use them, if you wish.

If you have any questions, or would like us to cover a topic of your liking, do write to us at ionearthmail@gmail.com or mail@ionearth.org.

Happy reading and have a great journey!

Love, Peace and Joy

Ionearth Team