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Accessing Akashic Wisdom with Linda Howe

Linda Howe’s book, How to Read the Akashic Records gave me my introduction into reading Akashic Records. I discovered the book during a time when I was looking for guidance in my spiritual path, and I found my way into my own Records through the simple and beautiful ‘Pathway Prayer Process’ that Linda lays out [...]

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Spring Equinox 2012, Tuesday March 20th by Virginia Returning Journey

Energies of Spring Equinox 2012 I haven’t felt inspired to write about the Equinox until now, several hours after it was exact. The Spring Equinox/Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) is the beginning of The Astrological Calender, so Happy New Year!!! Today feels very new to me. When something new arrives we react in different ways depending [...]