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support empowerment card

Feeling Supported (Collaborative Project by Ionearth & Barbara Evans)

The following reading is inspired by the ‘Support’ Empowerment Card by Barbara Evans. The story of the earth is like a labyrinth. There is an entry point, an exit point and multiple ways to reach the exit. The pathways need to be found. As there are many pathways, there are many stories about how to [...]

michelle book

The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success- book by Michelle Casto

Ionearth is excited to announce the book launch of “The Destiny Discovery:Find Your Soul’s Path to Success“, by Michelle L. Casto, on 17th January 2012. Michelle is the author of over 30 life empowerment and career development books and has helped people awaken to their life purpose through her unique Destiny Discovery Process. The free [...]

Freedom in the Present

Freedom in the Present The energies of January, 2012, from Conversations with Spirit   There were two images shown to me as I was trying to visualize the energy for January, 2012. Both capture the changing times and the need to move into awareness to harness the power of change.