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Family Ties (Conversations with Spirit)

‘Conversations with Spirit’ is guidance provided by a group of Masters and Angels, bringing Source Consciousness channeled through Losita. This is a free service on Ionearth. Ionearth is a space where we explore our Journey to Spirit, through articles, interviews, resources and trigger sessions or workshops provided by our facilitators. In Conversations, we address questions [...]

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The Force of the Imagination (by Suzanne Murray)

I believe in nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affection and the truth of the imagination. – John Keats As I witness the growing Occupy movement that through peaceful means is focusing on the need to transform systems that really are not working for the good of the whole, I have been thinking about [...]

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Reinforcing Choices (Message through Conversations with Spirit)

Reinforcing Choices  (November 2011) The earth’s energies are on the increase and with each one of us working on our spiritual awakening, consciously or subconsciously, we are able to access more energy and bring it into our work or projects. However, the access to higher levels and amounts of energies also has side effects. It’s [...]


Light-en Up!

I participated in a group workshop on laughter yoga today. I knew a couple of the participants and I was meeting the rest of the participants for the first time. In a very short period of time, through crazy acrobatic laughter games, we all came together in a group, sharing our presence, our energies, and [...]

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On Serenity – Building Peace within Ourselves

We create our own reality – there is no escaping from this truth that we do. Not only that, we also contribute to the collective reality. We may not be conscious that we are constantly creating, and that our every thought counts. Whether we are dealing with a competitive workplace, dealing with a difficult relationship, [...]