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Understanding Oneness and Creating Oneness Intentions

What does oneness or unity consciousness mean to us as individuals, and our planet? Oneness is the realization that we are all created from the same Source energy and our physical lives are expressions, expressing and experiencing diversity, of the Source or God itself. This realization is the spiritual quest that we are on, and [...]

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Living In-Spirit

Living In-Spirit Spiritual Coaching Services on Ionearth All our experiences in life are lessons for us to unlock the door to our inner truth that we are all God-beings. However, faced with challenges in life, we lose that perspective and to us, life’s experiences seem to raise questions, discomfort and confusion. Whenever we feel stuck, [...]

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The Journey to Sprit (Introduction)

The Journey to Sprit TRIGGER SESSIONS: A Series of Talks and Meditations on Ionearth  When we are on a spiritual quest, we may look for outside help and guidance, but the journeys that we take are actually all on our own and it’s a journey to our inner spirit. Life provides us with natural triggers to [...]


Learning Life Lessons

When we start peeling off the outward layers of conditioning and start moving inwards, our awareness expands. We begin to ponder on the deeper meaning of life. Life is not just a cycle of birth and death where the only concern for us is to survive and keep going after more and more of success, [...]


Understanding Transformation Energies with Toni Winninger

  Transformational Energies of Current Times explained by The Masters Of the Spirit World, channelled by Toni Ann Winninger, in an interview with Ionearth The Masters of the Spirit World (, are channelled messages from the Spirit Masters, our inspirational guides on the Other Side, who help us develop psychic awareness and understand the journey [...]