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Oneness – The Movie (by Rasha)

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nothing matters

Nothing Else Matters (A Poem on Ionearth)

          We come from no matter into matter And think that matter is the only thing that matters. The game on this earth doesn’t matter anymore To rise above the game is the matter in question Things matter when we give them meaning So why would we give meaning To those [...]

gratitude raichingerv

The Power of Gratitude

  A heart-felt thank you has a power of its own – not just in making someone else feel good, but also transforming our inner feelings and aligning us to the flow of universal consciousness. Our thought-based reality looks at life as a cup half-empty. Gratitude gives us the turning point to flip the way [...]


Making Choices (from the Heart)

We are making choices all the time, some consciously and some unconsciously. Our present is made up of our past choices and the future is made of choices we make in every “now” moment. Making conscious choices, with the right intent is important as they determine the experiences we have in life, and to a [...]

know yourself

Know Yourself

We lead most of our life times based on beliefs that have been given to us by people around us, or as an inference of the happenings around us. We go through one thing after another , paying attention to external factors, things that are outside of us. Our happiness is conditional, our love is [...]