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The Power of Words

I was trying to think back on some of the words I heard from people yesterday, and some that even popped into my mind. It’s amazing to see how words have energy, and how they can affect you and your moods. Here are some of the words I heard yesterday: Thank you Allow me (someone helped [...]


Tapping into Your Intuition

I believe that learning to be intuitive is like learning to flow with life. We all have intuition, whether we want to believe it or not. We all get signs, from our own body and mind, and from our environment. However, it’s up to us to use this knowledge to live a more harmonious way [...]


Why is Heart Meditation Important?

I had the most amazing heart meditation with Yantara Jiro on Friday, 18th March, 2012. The group was small, and we were in the most peaceful, cozy room, hosted by Deepa, the facilitator of the group (for those who are in Singapore, get onto group at Garden of Awakening – Rainbow Gathering for some [...]

Move in to Your Heart

10/03/2011: Today a tsunami, following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, hit north-eastern Japan, bringing all the memories of tsunamis, earthquakes and floods we have seen in the recent past. On a phone conversation with my father this afternoon, I could sense his discomfort and fear the event invoked, as it must have done for many of [...]


Chakra Basics

Although many of us are aware of our body’s chakras, I wanted to revisit the basics for those who are new to this or want a quick recap. As so much of our recent spiritual studies and discussions revolve around our ‘energy bodies’, knowledge of our chakra system and keeping them balanced become very important. [...]